Badass Lady Artists

The Bletchleyettes

Sophia Chow + Ashley Kressin + Gabi Aguilar + Rachel Gonzalez

A group of badass lady artist based in Austin & Houston, Texas.  The following pieces are expressions, reactions, and extensions of our individual experiences and self discoveries as women (& women of color) in our late 20s & early 30s in 2019. Our pieces are about processing the world we live in today, learning how to embrace where we are in our individual journeys, and sharing our struggles and learnings to the world around us. 

Sophia Chow

Poet/Writer, Visual Artist, Mixed Media Artist, Ukulele Player, Web Developer, Educator

  • "Recently, I've been trying to unlearn negative habits, unchain the creative restrictions from my past, and fully embrace the artist in me. I'm learning to be okay being in the unknown and actively trying to 'live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.' ― Rainer Maria Rilke"

Ashley Kressin

Visual Artist, Blogger, Gamer, Failed Paleontologist

  • "I love making paintings and drawings about impermanence."

Gabi Aguilar

Photographer, Graphic Designer, Digital Media Artist, Photo Composition


  • “What can I say? I’m a wild dreamer. I owe my firm handshake and bigger than life mentality to my Texas roots and currently call Austin, Texas home."

Rachel Gonzales

Visual Artist, Architect, Poet, Designer, Dream Enabler

  • “I am reclaiming "the female gaze" as a powerful way to see beyond the physical realm and into the formless through painting from direct observation, intuitive feeling, and imagination.  My current work embodies a careful integration of both the physical realm and formless experience of being human, especially when confronted with grief.”

Artists' Show Schedule

November 16 - 17 


November 23- 24

12:00 - 06:00

The Bletchleyettes @ East Austin Studio Tours


Exhibit Location: The Chow-Fung House

3400 Randolph Rd.

Austin, TX 78722



"Letting Go"
By: Sophia Chow

5" x 7" Alcohol Ink on Yupo Paper || $25


"The fun thing about alcohol ink is that it is extremely flowy and unpredictable. There are techniques to control where the ink goes but you kind of have to quickly accept where the colors end up and keep moving forward with it because it dries fast - a similar theme I'm learning in life." 

By: Ashley Kressin

18" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas || $150 


"I use watercolors in a lot of my old pieces but I'm currently exploring Acrylic on canvas and I'm liking it!"


"Self Portrait in Marfa, TX"
By: Gabi Aguilera



"My creative work draws on a variety of styles. I am particularly interested in Photography, Graphic Design and Installation Art.  I have a strong academic interest in gender and media, digital activism and identity and the media— which builds upon an existing corpus of research in media and digital humanities."


By: Rachel Gonzalez

30x40 acrylic on canvas || $800


In Tagalog, the title of this piece means: v., inf. 1. be aflame; to burn with emotions; 2. become excited with strong feelings