Badass Lady Artists

The Bletchleyettes

Sophia Chow + Ashley Kressin + Gabi Aguilar + Solaris Ortega + Cecelia + Rachel Gonzales

A group of badass lady artist based in Austin & Houston, Texas.  The following pieces are expressions, reactions, and extensions of our individual experiences and self discoveries as women (& women of color) in our late 20s & early 30s in 2019. Our pieces are about processing the world we live in today, learning how to embrace where we are in our individual journeys, and sharing our struggles and learnings to the world around us. 

Sophia is a Visual Artist, Poet, Teacher, Web Developer, Musician, and loves Nature. 


"Recently, I've been trying to unlearn negative habits, unchain the creative restrictions from my past, and fully embrace the artist in me. "

Ashley is a Visual Artist, Blogger, Gamer, and a failed paleontologist hailed from West Virginia and currently based in Austin, TX.


"I love making paintings and drawings about impermanence."

Gabi is an amazing Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Digital Media Artist based in Austin, TX.


“What can I say? I’m a wild dreamer. I owe my firm handshake and bigger than life mentality to my Texas roots and currently call Austin, Texas home."


Not only is Solaris in the tech world. She is also a badass pole dancer as well as a part time artist. She is originally from Juarez, Mexico but is currently based in Austin, TX. 


Rachel is well read in Art history and approaches her art in a sophisticated way. She also write awesome Haikus!

Rachel is an Architect, Visual Artist, Poet, Designer, and Dream Enabler based in Houston, TX.


"I am reclaiming "the female gaze" as a powerful way to see beyond the physical realm and into the formless through painting from direct observation, intuitive feeling, and imagination.”

Artists' Show Schedule

November 16 - 17 


November 23- 24

12:00 - 06:00

The Bletchleyettes @ East Austin Studio Tours


Exhibit Location: The Chow-Fung House

3400 Randolph Rd.

Austin, TX 78722